hey guys, im cleaning up my blog and i have some saved urls that i dont really want and tbh i wasnt going to use them and they are all swing related so message me if youd like them

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  • swing-dancing
  • trankydont****
  • taintwhatyoudo
  • and frankiemanning^ im having problems parting with this one, we’ll have to come to some agreement (◉_◉)

Also ambassadoroflindyhop is available

When I dance with one of my favorite leaders


How I think we look:

How we actually look:


Guys, my birthday is less an hour away and Sebastian Stan is not here yet.

I’m so disappointed in you all.

Unless Robert Downey, Jr. is coming by to swing dance with me. This is an acceptable delay.

I think I’m late but does this work


"Hi, nice to meet you! Wanna learn how to swing dance?"

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Swing dancing London

Attempting to Freestyle



This is probably one of Chloe Hong’s most amazing work yet!

Check out the Whitey Lindy Hopper’s jacket she recreated! She’s taking orders for this. Check out her post here for updates!


I’ve personally ordered a red skirt from Chloe before and I absolutely love it. She replies to orders really fast and is really helpful in making sure that you’ve got the right size for you.

Here’s her official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/fromandchloehong

» New Ambidancetrous Swing Club!


Tumblr Hoppers! I need your input yet again.

I’m working on starting a new Lindy group in my area. But I need the group’s mission to be crystal-clear from the very beginning, so I’m writing out the goals / vision / mission statement / whatever you care to call it. That means wording my actual…


Kevin and Jo are amazing. That is all.